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Alexa, you're a pussy
Feminist technology education
What can conferences to to attract more women speakers?
Interview: Lucy Southall, senior digital platforms officer
The women and technology loop
Driving smart home innovation with the gender dimension
Online violence: beyond just an act
Why role models are important
The IRL-digital loop of shitty-ness
Anatomy of an AI assistant

Why role models are important




Creativity has always been big part of my life, maybe that is why I have always loved science. I work at the intersection of science, technology and scholarly publishing. On a daily basis, I engage with some of the world's leading thinkers, researchers, technologists and shape, as well as communicate about, products that support the scientific research cycle. I'm also a mother and an aunt. I've seen first-hand the young age at gender stereotypes start to take hold. I'm a big fan of games and learning through play. Five years ago, I started making science games to entertain my daughter but also to help her learn. I wanted to put a new twist on the older games we played at home. In doing so, I tried to ensure that the games we played inspired and fueled not only in-built creativity, a passion for exploration and support for the natural inclination to invent and imagine but also to showcase real-life role models of diverse and inclusive backgrounds.


The Remarkablz aims to challenge gender stereotypes through the integration STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) themes into exciting games . We want to empower girls to build their confidence, dreams and ultimately, their futures. www.theremarkablz.com

Katy Alexander